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A young male Lion resting in the tall grass in the SerengetiZebras in the SerengetiAn Elephant in Tarangire National ParkA Mother and baby Savanna Olive Baboon in the SerengetiWildebeest in the Ngorongoro HighlandsTwo Leopards in a tree guarding their kill in the SerengetiHippopotamus in a lake in the SerengetiA Female Ostrich in the Ngorongoro HighlandsA Spotted Hyena in the Ngorongoro HighlandsElephants in the Tarangire National ParkA Greater Flamingo in the SerengetiA Giraffe in Tarangire National ParkA Vervet Monkey in Tarangire National ParkAn Elephant with a baby in the Tarangire National ParkDwarf Mongoose on a termite mound in Tarangire National ParkImpala in Tarangire National ParkA Leopard on the prowl in the SerengetiA Topi in the SerengetiA group of Zebras drinking from a pond in the SerengetiA Black-backed Jackal in the Serengeti

Guestbook for Tanzania Safari
Hi Eloy, these are some fantastic images! I have so many favorites! Looks like you & your family had a wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing these with us!